Women On The Front Lines

in Change Maker by Ogonna Nwawka
Asking me to write about “women on the front lines” is like asking me to write about all the ways doctors help people. There are not enough words! However, I have… Read more


in Events by AA Editor
Thousands of Liberians, mostly women and children, die every year due to lack of safe drinking water, improved sanitation and hygiene in the country. Every year, over a… Read more

17th Annual Africa Business Conference 2015: Inclusivity in…

in Innovation by Ogonna Nwawka
The theme of this year’s Africa Business Conference held at Harvard Business School in Cambridge, MA on February 27th to March 1, 2015 was “A More Inclusive Africa: The… Read more


in Change Maker by AMANDLA OOKO-OMBAKA / YAM Perspectives
The first time I came across the exemplification of Afropolitanism, the mélange of African and cosmopolitan, was in Taiye Selasi’s 2005 article “Bye-Bye Barbar”. The… Read more

Investing in Africa's Womenpreneurs

in Features by Nduka Nwankwo [These articles was published in conjunction with our partnership with YAM]
My grandmother epitomizes the innate ability of women to be entrepreneurial. Whether it was harvesting tomatoes and selling them for a profit, selling local and imported… Read more

Muhammadu Sanusi ii, Emir of Kano, in Washington for…

in Features by AA Editor
Agreement offers prime example that business goes on despite Nigeria’s current challenges, including a close presidential election, Boko Haram violence, and depreciating… Read more

Empowered women can change the world

in Change Maker by AA Editor
On the first International Women’s Day, more than a century ago, one million women and men in five countries took to the streets to rally for women’s economic, social,… Read more

Global Illiteracy and the Campaign to End It

in Events by AA Editor
You won’t believe how many people can’t read this sentence. Nearly 800 million people are illiterate today. That’s one in 10 people around the world—including 32 million… Read more

In honor of International Women's Day

in Change Maker by AA Editor
Every March 8, millions of people around the world celebrate International Women’s Day. Here in the US, you can play an important part in this effort. Together, we are… Read more

Why You Will Invest in the Sub-Saharan Africa

in Innovation by AA Editor
Africa is alive and well, and open for business. The continent now holds the fastest growing economies in the world, but still struggles to develop an infrastructure for… Read more